Consultative ApproachThe Consultative Approach: Partnering for Results!

Book Summary

Over the past 10 years, something profound has happened to the way people work. Everyone from management to manufacturing has found that their jobs demand more from them - and not just more time or effort, but new skills, new abilities.

You yourself, like many professionals, may have found that suddenly your job function has been redefined. You're expected to provide greater value to your clients or customers while (of course) you continue to do what you've always done: use your expertise and organizational knowledge to get the job done, solve problems, stay within budget and on schedule.

No longer is it enough to simply supply your expertise; you must present and use it in the way that best answers the customers' needs. This in turn means working with a range of other people--team members, subject matter experts, end users, financial people--to find out what that way is. For most people, all of this requires a new set of skills and a completely different mindset. In other words, meeting today's challenges means fundamentally changing the way you work.

It is often observed that technology such as e-mail, social networking, cell phones, PDAs and such has changed the way we work. It has certainly increased the quantity of business (and personal) communication - but it has done little to improve the quality. The "technology" we offer in this book is intended to address that deficit. The techniques presented here will help you develop the consultative and partnering skills you need to work effectively with others and thus provide greater value to your customers. These skills will give your expertise greater impact and ensure that you continue to be seen as a valuable resource in your organization.

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