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Customer Focus

Developing true Customer Focus in any business requires a well-planned, concerted effort that may touch virtually every major aspect of the enterprise.  If done well, the benefits can be immense:

  • Customer satisfaction rises and drives up revenues.
  • Productivity increases as structure, roles, processes, and systems are realigned to be customer focused.
  • Products and services improve as people are less encumbered by obstacles and build better solutions focused more on customers’ needs.
  • People are happier and more engaged in their work, with more focus on creativity and service, and less on protecting themselves and dealing with internal conflict.

What You Need to Know About Developing Customer Focus

Unfortunately, many customer focus initiatives in businesses today address symptoms only. This is often because “customer focus consultants” advise their clients to simply do things to increase their focus on external customers.  That seems right, even obvious, but it is wrong in that it is only partially right. What they should be telling clients, and what we will tell you here, is to focus on ALL customers, including internal customers.

The major irony of achieving customer focus in a company or government agency is that you must first focus within the business in order to be truly equipped to successfully focus on your external customers.  For a more in-depth look at what it takes to develop customer focus download our free eBook now!

Designing the Optimal Program for Your Business
Your business is like no other, so your customer focus program should be specifically tied to your business needs. For additional help in accomplishing this, download our free guide to Designing Your Customer Focus Program.

Or if you would like to discuss your customer focus goals and/or program with one of our experts, or if you would like help avoiding common customer focus pitfalls, please contact us, or give us a call at (831) 372-9444.